Me and why I started:

Hi, I am Jaiden. I am a fifteen year-old book and design obsessor. I live in the U.S. and along with blogging and designing for you I am in the middle of writing my own books. Yes, books. I have way too many ideas swimming in this head of mine and hope to one day have them published on a white sheet of paper for all to read and enjoy. I have my own review website where I share my love for everything YA: Girls on YA Books. Aside from going to high school, I spend my time (obviously) reading and designing. I also enjoy playing volleyball for my high school, music, video games with my little brother, and like every other teenager in the world...hanging out with my awesome encouraging friends! :)

I started this designing website for one reason: I love to design!! As a kid I wanted to be a fashion designer, a little later I wanted to be a painter, later I wanted to be a famous artist known throughout the world. I still want to pick these things up but right now my heart is set on designing. I want to be a graphic designer and I thought... "Why wait to grow up?" So here I am today with you all designing for your blogging needs and more. It is not something I have to do, need to do or am forced to do. It is simply what I like to do. 

  This website:
Thank you for stopping by Fae-Tastic Designs, an affordable designing website for all your blogging needs. I currently only create for blogger but am hoping to change that in the near future. My creations are made to accommodate my clients in their every need. My prices or genuine that you may afford an original design without you having to pay out of your pockets for it. Time is also of the essence. I try to get my designs to you as quickly as possible with it still being of your wants. They are made easy so you may have no troubles in managing your new design.

 My designs are intended to be magical in that my love, work, and creativity is sure to shine through in every peace. No design is the same. But my work is not the only hand in each creation. You are the master behind it, I am merely the helping hand. Each design is not finished until you are happy. Please feel free to check out my portfolio to get an idea of what I have to offer. My main goal is for you to look into your custom design and see you. Your blog should reflect your personality in every way.
I hope you find what you want here! :)
Have a great day,